What it feels like.

           I lie on the floor
           Within a broken heart
           And look through lines in frozen air
           I'm willing to know
           If love is really way out
           Then why there's no way anywhere?
           I ask to make it clear
           And say what you've done to me…

           "Please stay don't go
           Won't you walk away," - 
           The words that you heard
           But that's what I couldn't say
           'Cause you broke my heart…

           I feel it no more
           There's winter in my soul
           And awful emptiness inside
           Just slight light of hope
           That still can keep me on
           Is being sometimes by your side.
           You made me trust you once
           Please help me to carry on…

           There was something I said
           You found no sense, -
           "Stay here, don't walk away
           Let us be only friends
           It's all that I need"…

           Let time pass by
           Let world go on
           What love is like?
           Am I hopeless to know?
           I still want to know
           What it feels like to be loved…

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